Tinctura propolis forte - Apis Sana 30%, 30 ml.
Complex Apicol Veceslav Harnaj

Apis Sana - Propolis Forte Tincture 30%, 30 ml

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Ingredients: alcohol, water, propolis 30%.

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The name of this miraculous substance comes from Greek language. The Greeks noticing how the hive was build they named propolis "the front of the city", the propolis playing the guard role against the intruders and turning the hive into a real fortress.

Propolis is a bio stimulator, produced by bees' digestion, containing vegetal resins, balm, etheric oils, iron, copper, zinc and manganese, to which pollen is added to get the tincture.

Instructions :

 - internal use: 30 drops, in 1-3 sessions throughout the day

 - external use: can be applied locally on wounds, burns or dermatoses, having a healing effect.

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30 ml