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Apidermin Light Night Cream, 50 ml

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Apidermin Light Line.

Regenerating night cream for normal to mixed skin.

With royal jelly, apricot seed oil, vitamin A, E and cocoa butter.

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Apidermin light night regenerating cream is aimed at normal or mixed skin, stimulating the regeneration of skin cells during the night through a light formula.

Apidermin Light takes over the principles of the classical tradition with a 50-year tradition in a light night-time formula enriched with a regenerative complex that emphasizes the royal jelly, miraculous product of the hive, apricot seed oil and vitamin A. Vitamin A is most effectively absorbed by the skin during the night, creating, together with devitamin E and cocoa butter, a nourishing mix.

 The facial skin, nourished by active ingredients of natural origin, is a happy skin.

 It is applied in the evening, following the cleansing ritual - toning, with light skin massage.

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50 ml